Have any of you been searching & searching for a shampoo that’s sulphate free, that doesn’t contain any chemical or formulas that is known to make your hair fall? Well, I bring you the most organic shampoo and conditioner that is literally the best thing for my hair.

The Palmer’s Olive oil formula is taking the world of haircare by the storm with it’s mixture of vitamin E. The natural benefits are endless as it soothes and rejuvenate your lovely locks. More than that, the addition of the olive oil with the Jamaican black caster oil adds shine & straightens your hair. That means, It smoothes out frizzy hair (Like mine is), Replenishes moisture & nutrients and removes product buildup.


As you can see, This shampoo contains No Parabeans, No Phthalates, No mineral oil & No gluten. It’s literally the most pure and organic shampoo that you could go for. It’s the healthiest food for your hair because it decreases damage to your hair that other shampoos with harmful chemicals contain. Since I have very curly hair, it always leaves my so soft and manageable. My hair feels very light and it also smells oh so good. I have an unbearable amount of split ends therefore I think this product has had a part in keeping my hair moisturized and in better condition most days.


The spray on conditioner is so easy to put on without making any mess. Both the shampoo & conditioner is enriched with Keratin and silk proteins. This lightweight conditioner acts as a heat protectant from styling damage & since I’m always styling my hair one way or other this has helped alot in keeping them shiny instead of drying them out.

The direction to apply this conditioner is to spray it on towel dried or damp hair. Comb through to the ends that is coated with the conditioning proteins. Do not rinse and style your hair any way you want.

I am really liking this packaging of both the shampoo and conditioner. It’s very modernised. I honestly do recommended the Palmer’s Olive oil formula to everyone since it’s for all hair types.It leaves your hair light, bouncy and silky.  It’s a holly grail !

That is all for now, Keep a lookout for the next product I’m obsessed with.

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