Hello world, Can you guess what this post is about? Let me give you a little hint. It’s about FOOD! We can all relate with the one thing and that’s delicious and tasty meals. I got the chance to visit a few restaurants in Sharjah Sheraton Beach Resort & Spa. (@SheratonSharjah) . The two restaurants are called Marasea & Arjwan.



The Marasea restaurant is a seafood restaurant where all kinds of fishes, crabs, shrimps and lobsters are available. It’s literally a dream come true for those who value fresh seafood. I especially loved the cozy yet beachy vibes of the interior. The dim lights give a soft welcome. You literally feel at ease especially being around such a cool and vibrant place with beautiful wood flooring.

What special about Marasea is that they have a huge counter filled with many varieties of sea food to choose from and they want YOU to tell them how you would prefer it cooked and the start to the end. The staff at Marasea value your opinion. I had so many choices to choose from, it was a hard decision but so very much satisfying to my tummy.


This is a little something that they give you in the beginning while you decide your starter & main dishes. Its shrimp crackers with two kinds of sauces to amplify your flavours. These amazing sauces which is sweet and sorta sour that goes well with the taste of the chips. The yellow liquid is a cocktail of several fruits that is to be finished with one gulp. Oh my! it tasted phenomenal and left me wanting more. The staff literally treat you so good, making themselves concerned with making sure you are having a good time. Overall very pleasant and efficient.

The starter I ordered were the shrimps tempura, vegetable rolls and the seafood tomato soup. The rolls were absolutely delicious but a little to heavy for me for a starter. But still delicious nonetheless. The center were filled with the perfect amount of sliced carrots and cabbage. The rolls were served with the sweet chilli sauce which was a fantastic combination with the rolls.

The shrimp tempura was definitely the star of the starter dish. A complete delight.The shrimps were about five inches long and cooked to perfection. They came out nice and hot – didn’t sit around waiting to get delivered. So crispy but when you put it in your mouth it literally melts.

The tomato seafood soup was delicious to the core with little pieces of fish, mushrooms, shrimps gracing your taste buds with every spoonful. The fish was cooked great and soft with so much flavour. It’s definitely a go to appetizer.

The main dish was the Grilled seabass and the stuffed lobster. Both these dishes are 5* plates with a very gorgeous presentation. The seabass is a fish I haven’t really eaten before so I really wanted to get my hands on it. Upon advice with the chef we decided to cook it grilled and let me tell you I . was . not . disappointed. The sea bass literally and I mean literally burst in my mouth it was so good. A very well satisfied dish.

The stuffed lobster is a whole another story. A complete A grade dish that will brighten your day. Are you the type of person who gets grumpy when they are starving? and then your mood lightens up after eating? well after eating this stuffed lobster, your world will be rocked. The beautifully tasting dish was paired with a side dish of steamed vegetables.  While I would have liked a bit more flavour on the vegetables they still did the job of satisfying me.


LOOK AT THAT! This is what I dream about all day everyday! This plate of dessert was especially prepared by pastry Chef Sanjeet who’s the designated dessert chef of Sheraton sharjah beach resort & spa. The plate was a assortment of different cakes and tarts. I have to say my favourite was the mango cake which was extra creamy and so much more blissful. All these cakes were freshly made and heavenly to eat. Those little orange balls burst into so much flavour when you pop it in your mouth. A great idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else. A completely unique dessert plate that will leave you wanting more. Everything was so tempting and smooth. I salute all the Marasea chefs for creating such wholesome dishes.

Visit Marasea at the Sheraton sharjah and enjoy a three course set menu for 138 dhs only.



The second restaurant I visited is called Arjwan which has a full on arabic dish menu. I have to be honest Arabic food was never on my list but after trying Arjwan I can’t wait to go back there. The food was absolutely phenomenal.


The starter was a surprise from the chef who served as with the Arabic Mazza. Now I’ve haven’t ever had it but it was lip smacking god. The arabic maze consists of a section of luscious hummus, grilled tomato, a shot of soup with meat, some wine leaves and so much more. Trust me when I say that I cleared that plate full on and didn’t leave a piece behind.


The main dish, recommended by the chef was the mix grilled plate and Meat mandi. That in itself is a killer combination. The Mandi is a traditional meal of the arab world. The meat is cooked to perfection and is tender to tear off the bone and melt in your mouth, the portion at giant sized and the accompaniments shall make you ask for a repeat. Mandi is basically a plate of cooked rice, with topping of barbecued or grilled chicken, meat or fish. For sides, yoghurt, salad and tomato chutney is provided.
The quantity is more than enough for one person, personally I loved the Meat Mandi from Arjwan the best.

The mixed grill plate had an assortment of chicken, meat & lamb. All thing I love very much. It was definitely a mouthwatering plate. The chicken & the lamb were fantastic. Although the meat inside the arabic bread were definitely my favourite thing about this plate. The grilled tomato & onion added a special taste to the dish. Mixed grill plate is something that I think I will order once again when I visit Arjwan at Sheraton Sharjah.


I think out of everything the desserts were always the biggest winner for me. From the gorgeous presentation to the glorious taste, it is definitely something I still think about sometimes because it was just that good. Once again Chef Sanjeet has not disappointed because everything on this plate tasted marvellous. I finished the whole plate because it was just so irresistible. the small juice balls were so refreshing. It was hard to eat such a pretty plate but once I started I couldn’t finish. The cakes were coffee cake, red velvet cake, chocolate fudge and some very tasty tarts.


The decor was so warm & inviting, I love the constant of the furniture to the flooring. It made you feel so fantastic and satisfied with your choices. The amazing staff were very friendly and welcoming. Also very helpful in explaining all the dishes I was served.

What’s another thing amazing about both these places is that during the winter both restaurants have outdoor seating with ocean view and live music. A complete win!

I enjoyed it so much I can’t wait to go back!

Leave a comment about which dish you would go for.



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