Hello world, I’m back with two of my favourite products of the month. For the whole month of May, I tried on these amazing products from Joelle and Balmain and the results were super satisfying. Going into every product I’m a little cautious but with these two, I was super impressed which was a great help with my dry and acne prone skin. My skin had recovered alot.



The main function of the creme is to pamper your skin as you take your rest and recover the damaged skin as best as possible. It includes essential oils such as primrose oil which replenish your skin as you sleep. Overnight it pampers your skin  for visible smoothness and radiance. Initially, the creme is not too heavy or not too light, the proper consistency which sweeps into your skin right away.  Didn’t give me the greasy face but instead a much more fresh look. My skin felt super soft the next morning and using it continuously for the month really repaired alot of damage in terms of dryness.

Understandably it is a little pricey but with the results you get, I think it is totally worth it. But then alot of products in the Joelle skincare line is great. The proper way to use it would be to apply on clean skin 20 minutes before your beauty rest and massage gently over your face and neck.

Dhs: 210



Now this product, I was alot more excited to try out. Anything that has to do with hair, I absolutely like. The main function of the Balmain argan elixir is to make your hair feel smoother, healthier and softer. It give incredible shine to the hair and also repaired the damaged ends that are untameable. It get completely absorbs by the hair and preventing it from being very oily and unflattering. It gives an amazing boost. The two main ingredients is the Argan elixir and the silk protein that retains complete moisture and repairs the dry and weak hair.

I am completely obsessed with the Argan elixir as it smells so incredible. Kind of fruity in a way so everytime you apply it, it’s like feeding your hair actual food. But the scent in it is actually the signature fragrance of the Balmain Paris Styling Line which is unique to it’s line. It’s always good to have your own scent. I would describe it as very feminine and sexy. I usually apply it on wet hair or before  straighten them. It give it alot more shine and doesn’t frizz them. The best thing about it is that it’s for all hair types especially since I have very strong curls.

The one secret to using it to use it after washing your hair, it absorbs the elixir and retains the moisture thus decreasing the drying time.


You can get the products from:

Joelle goodnight creme:

Balmain Argan elixir:

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