Hey guys, I’m about to show you my most favourite shoot that I ever did. I want to keep this short and simple so you can really focus on the style. But before that, I wanna know all about my beautiful readers. How is your 2017 going yet? I’m so excited because it’s my birthday month and I turn the big ole twenty first on May 23rd. I’m not the type of person who really celebrates her birthday anymore but I really want to do something fun this type around. Any suggestions?


I don’t know what it was about this day but the pictures were coming out almost perfect with just the best amount of lightning hitting my face.  Now I’m not conceited but even I can appreciate good pictures when I see it. Onto my outfit, I wore a long tank dress which I purchased from Stradivarius . What really caught my eyes was that it  accentuated everything above my waist and less form fitting below. Which is great because it gives alot of leg space to move. Who doesn’t love a good tank dress like that. I for one, especially love the black,white and grey stripes that really harmonizes the dress. It’s almost playing with your mind by giving you the appropriate amount of curves where it’s needed.


What really brought out this look and gave it more shine is the Forever 21 denim jacket that I draped over the tank dress in a very elegant and stylish form. I adore the light shade of the denim which is completely portraying the rich variety in design. As for my makeup I went with dark bold lips  from Colour pop in the shade viper to really give it a more autumn vibe, even though we are in summer. I never said I follow the rules. Whenever it comes to fashion, I make my own rules. That’s always how I rolled. I finished of this outfit with my Christian louboutin Exogona heels which are 160 cm in height. Quite comfortable in walking compared to their other heels if you ask me. I’ve mentioned these in my previous post so you all already know about my obsession with the louboutin heels by now. I need to stop buying these. I really do. But it’s just so hard to say no to them. Who else is with me? lol

And with this we conclude this post. Enjoy the rest of the pictures and let me know what you think about them.

See you on my next post babes. xx



Tank dress: Stradivarius ( )

Denim jacket: Forever 21 ( )

Heels: Christian louboutin (

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