Hello world! Don’t you all just love fashion? or pretty dresses? or heels? Donatello Versace once said fashion is all about happiness. It’s fun. It’s important. But it’s not medicine. So while we can all obbsess over beautiful clothes and shoes to make us feel better, remember it’s not  permanent. Or maybe it is…… just kidding.


Moving on, I’m back with a very cute post. I am literally obsessed with the outfit that I’m wearing here. Especially the pants. But first, Let’s start with the black and gold sweater off shoulder blouse. This Splash blouse is like fireworks blowing all over the blouse, or splashed with glittering love. It feels like christmas come to life. I don’t know how to explain it but I kinda feel like Santa. I mean…. I’m weird so… sorry? lol Everything about the top is structurally beautiful. There is the off shoulder neck which I adore, then the blowing pleated shoulders, finishing with the form fitting waist. It gives a very unique form to my body. Very curvy-ish and not bloated.  Its a very extravagance look and not something you can wear to a grocery or somewhere equally unimpressive. Knowing me, I would wear it at home all the time. Like I said, I’m weird.


Now onto my favourite part, The pants or the jeggings, as people like to call it, has to be my favourite pair in the world. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, the secret hack for buying jeggings is to remember to always buy a size smaller so they look very form fitting or another word for it could be…second skin. The Stradivarius pants fit me like a glove considering it is a very stretchable material. Furthermore, the velvety soft red colour of the pants is what I’m losing my head over. Some colours just suit your skin tone and I think red is one of that colour. I am usually getting this form flattering pants out of the closet to wear. You my lovely readers need to get a one for yourselves. You won’t regret it.

“I have jeggings to wear and worlds to conquer.” Rachel Sklar


I completed this look with my Christian Louboutin pina spike heels that I’m head over heels at. I’m not usually a fan of spikes on heels but these one really take the cake. it’s beautifully designed to make your legs look longer and better. Like we all know the contrast of the black and gold is very widely known and goes amazingly with each other. It’s open toed and it has a strap…. A STRAP! I love heels with straps, obsessively. They look so much more classic and elegant. It always give me old school feel.

“Designing my shoes, I’m thinking timeless. Not trendy.”. – Christian Louboutin

And with the inspiring quote, I conclude my blog post for today. Leave a comment on your opinions about this look. I’ll see you guys on my next post. xx

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Splash Fashion ( @splashfashions )

Pants: Stradivarius ( @stradivarius )

Heels: Christian Louboutin ( @louboutinworld )








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