Hey babes, I’m back with another fashion post with a kickass slightly poofy gown. I can’t even begin to explain my love for the dress and this colour. But before that, I want to share something personal with my readers. Give you a little piece of me little by little. Growing up, I used to hate going shopping, I would just flat out decline any proposition about going to a store with clothes. I was way younger then and quite chubby. I’ve always been a chubby person. Ever since I can remember I’ve gone through weight problems, I still do. Self love is one of the most important thing in our life. I had to learn to love myself to be truly healthy. And when I move past the weight concerns, I learned that I actually love to shop. So I hope that any one who felt or feels the way I did/do, they relate to me and my blog. Lets build and always support each other. Us girls have to stay true to ourselves.


Moving on, This beautiful dress is designed by Adrianna Papell . The combination of colours are some of my favourites, Pink and purple. I adore how the pink is more dominating than the purple. A perfect contrast. You don’t find many dresses with such gorgeous combination of colours. The material the dress is made up of is very similar to cotton and is a great addition to this perfect flowing dress. The lively printed roses is giving the gown a very spring yet elegance feel. I’m a sucker for evening gowns. This gown is the best seller out of all the designer collection. That has alot to do with the unique colours combination. I especially love how the dress is form fitting till the waist and the flows into a spectacular style downwards. It’s sewed into plates which is giving it most of it’s shapely profile. Other than that I completed the look with gold jewellery, clutch and heels to give it a more outlandish taste.

I wore this evening dress for my cousin’s wedding, It was a perfect day with lots off laughter, dancing and family love.

To shop my look, you can visit Dubai festival city, where Adrianna papell recently opened a store. If you would like to shop online then go down below.  Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. See you on my next post. xx



DRESS: (Insta: )

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