Hello everyone, I’m back with another kickass post but before we start I would like share a piece of advice, not only for myself but also for my readers. Never ever let anyone take advantage of you. Never let them use you for their own benefit and remove the people that will guilt you into doing things their way from your life. These people will only make you go backwards and not forward. Trust me, I’ve had many of those and they will poison you.

I’m the type of person to channel my anger into my fashion sense. You can usually gauge my mood according to what I wearing. So if you ever want to get to know me, take a close look to what I’m wearing. 😉


I’m wearing a super cute Pastel pink outfit that literally brightened my mood. I don’t usually wear light clothes so it feels good to doll up into them. It gives a glowy lightness to my face that dark colours do not. I should definitely invest in some pastel colours. How I got around to buying this shirt is a pretty great story. I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as I laid my eyes upon it but I couldn’t buy it then and just like that I went to the Elle collection of Splash countless times just to see it. Finally after a couple month, I finally finally bought it. I seriously lusted over it bad. This simple yet beautiful shirt is constructed perfectly and I love how the top is made into different layered collar. It’s not a tight fit but made into a flowy formal shirt. I usually feel like lose and open tops like that make me look more heavier than I am but this blouse opened my chest and laid my heart in it…. if that makes sense. Tuck this blouse into your pants or skirts or pair it with a belt around your waist, it would still looks fabulous on you.


The skirt that is paired with this blouse is is a pastel peach that looks very similar to pink so why not! You guys remember a time when knee length flowy skirts were trendy and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it on someone. That is the time I bought the skirt from New look. Isn’t it great when you buy something and know you can wear it anytime you want? Any season you want and wouldn’t get judged for it? That how I feel about this. I’m obsessed with the layering in the front because it give a subtle shape to my body that I can’t ignore. To be honest it reminds me a little of my school uniform too. I know I know, you guys must be thing ew! But if tailored right with the correct layering, a skirt like this very one can look very alike. But that’s just me and my crazy ideas with clothes. I try to make use of everything and anything. If I can pair it this way or that way and live in my freedom then I have no complains. Both the combination of the blouse and the skirt makes me proud of this blend.


I decided to pair this outfit with equally similar shade so I went for my nude Christian louboutin heels. I love the contrast of the heels and my skin. I’m so glad I usually always have something or the other to complete my look. I’m obsessed with heels without a platform because they make your legs look more sleek and sharp. Is that just me? Hopefully not. Apart from the heels, another noticeable difference would be my hair. I have quite curly hair and I usually go for the sleek straight hair because I feel like it look alot more cleaner but recently I’ve been appreciating my curls alot more. Therefore, I decided to keep my hair curly. I curled some of the hair that were misbehaving and just not helping me out. Straightened the tops, closer to my scalp and created this big wavy curls for this outfit.


Outfit details

Blouse: Splash Fashions (@splashfashions )

Skirt: New Look ( @newlookmiddleeast )

Heels: Christian Louboutin (@louboutinworld )

That is all for today, I hope you liked this outfit as much as I did. Don’t forget to leave a comment! Thanks. 🙂

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