HELLO EVERYONE! How are my beautiful readers? You guys inspire me everyday to write and stop being lazy lorraine. Yes I just made that up, it’s the writer in me. I procrastinate writing so much and then have to fit everything in a day. But the most astonishing thing I’ve noticed is that whenever I do write, especially blog post, I feel so much better. I feel free.

A few days ago I met the author Cassandra Clare, one of my favourite author and she gave a piece of advice that I feel like is the best advice I’ve heard. She said that, “You have to always remember to write everyday, just a little bit”. So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts. These posts are everything I always want to say.

Moving on…


On October 10th, Gigi Hadid came to Dubai for the launch of her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger for her together tour. So I chose a semi casual outfit for the event. I opted to go for the popular trend of Kimono jackets. I bought these flowy jacket from Splash. I feel like I so often buy clothes from splash, I could be a brand ambassador. lol! I can’t help it though, they always have designs I would die for and they are AFFORDABLE! Let’s not forget that. The colour of this jacket is so unique and perfect for fall. I always feel like colours like these which are very berries like, always makes you look fresh and glowy. More than that it, I especially love how floaty it is. Makes me feel like a graceful queen. Fall is one of my favourite seasons so to go with the mood of the weather I purchased a couple Kimonos. This trend definately is my favourite.

I paired the jacket with a simple black body hugging camisole and my best pair of jeggings. If you read my previous posts, you can read all about my love for them.  I finished this look of noble simplicity with a dazzling necklace that covers my neck completely. To give it a flair of fancy. I was very happy with this outfit for this particular event. It was elegant with a touch of added drama. Win situation.

The whole day went so wonderfully and although I didn’t get a picture with her, I was very happy to have seen her. to have seen someone who inspires me to love myself and to love my body. I”ll attach the picture I got with her from two years ago. What can I say, I’m a super huge fan. xx


Here’s a picture of me and Gigi Hadid from almost two years ago when she came here to celebrate New years. img_5435


Kimono: Splash Fashions (


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