Hey guys, I’m back with another post. I’ve discovered some amazing new skin care products that I can’t wait to share with you all.  Skin O2 is a leading Australian brand with some amazing products for your skin. All the products are made by doctors and are used mainly by skin specialist and medical professionals. But now, they are making raves around the globe because of the spectacular results it’s giving. It’s made with some very special ingredients such as, Hydro vitamins, Collagen matrix, Advanced peptides and many more. I recently received their facial tint sunscreen and Hydrating sprint. I am so In love with these two products that I can’t wait to see what else they got. I’ve been side-eyeing their Spot breakout blemish cream. I’ve heard great things about it.


The Skin O2 facial tint cream is a god send. It’s a light moisturising cream with SPF30+. The colour of the cream is a light nude but it doesn’t give any colour on your face. I use the cream right before my makeup as a primer and It sets my foundation beautifully giving it a gorgeous glow. I personally feel like using a moisturing sunscreen instead of a primer before makeup is the right way to go because this way you are getting multiple advantages like very high protection from the sun and pore-free face. One of the things that I love most is that it’s super lightweight, you feel like you’ve got nothing on your face. No Ickyness. No Greasiness. Another great thing about the products is that It’s age free, meaning any age can use it considering it effectively protects against ageing. Stay young forever. Let’s make that my new motto. Most of the time you have to be super careful buying creams because the smallest things can set you off, such as the smell. I’m so glad this cream does not have a medical smell but instead a very subtle flowery scent that makes your face feel very refreshed. All in all I rate this product a solid 9. So very happy with it.


Now we move on to the other product that I received. This is the Skin O2 Hydrating sprint. I’ve been looking for many setting sprays that best suit my skin and I thank the god that I finally found one that agrees with me. The hydrating spray is made with hyaluronic acid that is made to hydrate and luminate the skin. The setting spray is best used right after you’ve applied your foundation and powder to set is for a long lasting effect. But that’s not the only time I used it. I also used the spray on my face right before I apply my highlighter. If you want to go for a very glamourous glowy face then this is exactly what you do. Using the spray right before the highlighter shows the true potential of the product. it puts too much of it on your face. With highlighter, I’m the type of person to either go big or go home. I want my highlighter to always show. That the way I like it. This refreshing spray has way too many uses to note down. You can use it in the morning right after you wash your face to give you a healthy glow throughout the day or you could use it at night after you’ve removed your makeup to prevent acne from sprouting on your face. This is a win win product and you all really need to get your hands on it.

The products came with a lookbook that showcases all of their products and I’m currently obsessing over their Mineral BB cream. Need to get my hands on it. If you know me then you know I love my BB creams.


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UAE Distributors are Cherish Cosmetics LLC
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