Heyyyyyy guyss! I know I’ve not written a post in a while and that’s probably because I’m the most laziest person ever! Blame the bed guys! It’s always the bed. My bed is warm and springy. It’s the best thing ever. Anyways, Let’s talk more about this casual look though. My favourite days are the days where I can put on something comfortable yet chic. Feeling like I can do anything without feeling conscious about the little things and have fun. Plain old fun.


I put on a white formal shirt that I bought from Splash from the Elle collection. I’m gonna be completely honest here and say that when I bought this top I had a few pounds on me so now that I’ve lost those pounds, the top was a little lose on me. Two sizes lose. Therefore I had to pair it with my vintage black belt that I bought from a vintage store. The belt helped give my outfit a bit shape that it was lacking and is definitely making a statement in this whole look. The good thing with clothes that lose is that they are so much easier to move around in. I love the little net layout on the otherwise simple top giving it such a noble look. White is universal and it’s a colour that almost looks good on anyone. It instantly brightens out your face, somehow making it look more glowly.



I paired the white top with some good old denim jeans. I think everyone knows how good a combination white and denim is. It’s worldwide knowledge and something that is super trendy. The colour on the denim which I bought from Breshka is phenomenal. I think apart from this jeans, I don’t own any in this colour. The colour on the jeans is so unique. Almost navy-ish. I love navy. Breshka has some of the best denim ever. They have them in all kinds of different style. They have, flared out, Skinny, flapper, cropped out and boyfriend jeans. They have so much variety it’s unbelievable. Everything for everyone. The spectacular style of the skinny jeans is everything to me. The show of it and the way they flatter your figure is fantastic. So take a risk and go get yourself a skinny jean. You’ll love it.


The bag that is paired is a classic lifestyle bag in almost kind of a nude colour. It’s more creme than anything. The colour is so sophisticated and gives off an air of elegance. This is a bag that I have no problem pairing with anything. It’s so easy to work with. The best fashion statement for any women are two things, Shoes and a good bad. I love the strips of brown on the bag. It’s combining into a very trendy look. Which is all anyone can ask for. Obsessed.

Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens.

-Charles Nelson Reilly

The whole look is matched up with Christian Louboutin‘s Exagona. I don’t think I have to explain how beautiful these heels are. Look at the designs, it almost awe-inspiring. I’m so glad that we have some amazing Shoe gods that make amazing things for us women. These 160mm heels gives an amazing shape to your already shapely legs. These heels are a girl’s dream come true. I adore the criss-cross shape that ties the shoes. It’s such a exotic look. I think I’m obsessed with open toe heels. They just look so beautiful and so graceful. Let’s not forget the red sole that Christian louboutin is famous for. The red sole gives life to the heels and makes everything so much better. Amazing!



Outfit details





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