What is Ramadan? Ramadan is a blessed month during which muslims around the world spend the daylight fasting by abstaining food, drink and other things. To be quite honest, I think that the month of ramadan is the most favourite and liked month for all muslims all around the world. I, for one certainly get super excited and I absolutely love all the pre preparations. I already miss it so much and can’t wait for it next year therefore a post ramadan post to show you the outfits I wore for parties and gatherings.

For the first outfit, I went along with a black and white cape sleeves  gown that I bought from a well liked boutique. The torso is embroidered into white petal like design with beaded black pearls. The essential elements is giving this whole gown more life making it look fancy and suitable to wear at a party. The sheer and almost transparent sleeves making the whole does much more sexier in the most conservative way possible. It’s a perfect thing to wear when you are opening your fast in a tent especially.

For the second look I went a little traditional. Alright, I went completely traditional. Its not something you will find me wearing everyday but I really like it whenever I do. It’s a pretty simple outfit. The Kameez is designed in the latest trends which is a short Kameez and the bottom is designed to the now in fashion cigarette pants. The top if filled with lively flower pattern in many different colour but also not forgetting that the main colour is yellow and the rest is just contrast for it. I love how graceful this look is, giving it a more airy feel. I slipped on my nude pigalle heels form Christian louboutin .

I am in love with both of these looks and I hope you are too. Leave a comment to let me know what you think.





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