Another day, another post. This post is purely dedicated to my birthday that was three month ago, but three months ago I also didn’t have a blog. So this is a late birthday post. On May 23rd, I turned the big 20 and for my big 20 I needed to make sure I had a bang up outfit. I remember wandering around the mall from one shop to another, trying to find something pretty yet comfortable. Luckily I came upon cotton on , cotton on is my ultimate one stop shop for days when I’m looking for something soft and filled with snugness. Cotton on is designed to have all the things that we need, want, and gotta have in many varieties, styles and colours.Therefore I came upon this piece of gem.

For my birthday, I went with a very simple and sweet pink dress. I think by this post you all know how obsessed I am with this colour. I always say black is my favourite colour but I think pink is somewhere there along the list. Making decisions with this dress felt so effortless and came to me so naturally when deciding  styling my hair and how to do my makeup. This oversized cotton dress made moving in it super light but I wanted to go for a little flow so I paired this with a black belt that I bought from a vintage store. I stuck to my basics and wore my all time favorite Christian Louboutin daffodils with this dress. Since the dress was so simple I wanted something extravagant to pair it with. I’m not gonna lie and say that daffodils are the most comfortable heels to walk on because they are not. The 160mm heels are very hard to walk on for a very long time. I can only wear it for about 2 hours and no longer. But you can’t deny how sexy and elegant it looks. I went with a soft makeup with pink lips. Duh!

Thank you for reading!


Outfit details.

Dress: Cotton on

Heels: Christian Louboutin


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