It’s summer time baby! I don’t usually embrace alot of colours but lately I’ve been compelled to put on some lighter tones. I think the weather has alot to do with that. Dubai’s weather is quite something else and if there’s one thing you need to avoid, it’s the scorching heat. My summer clothes is usually something flowy and is most usually a dress. The lighter the clothe on me, the better I feel.

I want to keep this post sweet and simple in the most informative way possible. For this look I went with a floaty flowing denim knee-length dress. I think by this post you all should know my obsession with Splash clothes. Everything they have is beautiful and it only increases my temptation for shopping. Therefore when i saw this dress I had to have it. The sky blue colour is so very fresh looking and considering the hot weather, It’s a perfect shade to put on. The upper torso of the dress is embroidered with lively flower pattern in a darker shade than the dress, giving the sky blue colour something to contrast with. The middle of the dress is held together to show a accentuated waist giving the dress more life. I paired this whole look with my Adidas Stan smith shoes. Stan smiths are so popular now that you can most of the population wearing it. Many of you don’t know that the Stan smith were initially tennis shoes but nowadays it has truly made a fashion statement in the fashion industry. I think it wouldn’t hurt anyone to own a pair. They are certainly my favourite pair of shoes. I especially love the green patch towards the back, making the shoe look more regal.With that this post is concluded.

I have a question to ask you guys, What kind of clothes do you all prefer to wear during summer? leave an answer in the comment. I would love to hear your preferences. Also, My next post would be a throwback post on my 20th birthday. I can’t wait to share my day with you. Stay tuned xx.




 Outfit details.

Denim dress: Splash ( )

Shoes: Adidas  ( )




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