What is fashion? Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and through your own unique style and using your clothes to tell someone something about you.
What is art? Art, at its simplest, is a form of communication and means whatever it is intended to mean by the artist.
fashion and art combined together is more than glitz or glamour – it is a wearable artform of expression and demonstration. With the post I want to show you the beautiful graffiti art done by many amazing artists.

Dubai is so advanced in more ways than one and I want to show you guys my most favourite place to hangout at the moment.
City walk in Dubai is filled with stunning art work and is perfect for tourist and people who just want to spend time in the serenity of peace. It has everything from cinemas to restaurants to just about anything you need for an ideal outing. The hardwork of so many talented artists has made city walk the perfect destination for just about anybody.

I paired this outing with my most comfortable black outfit. Alot of the time people would ask me why do I only ever wear black and I always answer with, “I’ll stop wearing black if they invent a different colour”. It’s like a mantra – an affirmation, almost. This black jumpsuit that I bought from splash is so classic in the most sophisticated way. The top of the jumpsuit is richly decorated with white beads constructing the two colours. Below the torso,  the jumpsuit is tight enough to give my shapely profile a more spectacular style. I love how the outfit is sleeveless giving it more air to style it with a fabulous elegant structured blazer. The back of the blazer is decked out in lace making the whole look more chic and trendy. The collar of the blazer is making this outfit more authoritative which I absolutely love. Now onto the heels. Don’t you just love a good pair of black heels that will go with anything and everything. These heels are absolutely everything and I love how the design is structured to give more exposure to my calf.

I want to give a big shoutout to the amazing artists who worked on the walls of city walk. The talent of these amazing artist is astounding and I wish them a best of luck for their future projects.

ladyaiko_nyc , icyandsot and Nick Walker


Outfit details

Jumpsuit and blazer: Splash (Instagram:@splashfashions )



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