It’s that time of the year again. The time that only happens two times a year. After a long month of fasting,the Eid Al Fitr ensures happy moments by family reunions. It is one the most joyous and special days. We celebrate Eid three days and for those three days you need to make sure you wear something new. For me the first day is always traditional wear and since I’m from Pakistan that means the latest fashion trends but before that you need to have beautiful henna designs. Here is mine,


For the first day, I wore a lighter tone then I usually do. I’m a lover of dark colours but somedays like on Eid I like to do something different. Since it’s summer I went with a soft shade and wore a rosé coloured outfit. Some may call it pastel pink, others call it blush – everyone sees colour differently but in my eyes, the only colour I was seeing was rosé. Since you all know that the most popular neck lines are Off-shoulder at the moment I had to stay true to the trend. I love the silver flowers pattern on my off-shoulder making the whole look more soft and fancy. Since it’s Eid my motto is to make sure you look unique and special. I got this dress tailored into a something that reflected my own personal style, embracing my feminine side. The hem of my blouse/Kameez/Top, whatever you want to call it is richly decorated with beautiful crystal pearls giving it a more stunningly bold look.  I love how the top is cut into an umbrella style making it look more like a floaty dress then an ordinary kameez. For the bottom I’m wearing a satin cigarette pants of the same colour. The satin material is giving the whole outfit a more regal look making the over whole outfit perfect for Eid. I paired my whole outfit with my new strappy barely there black heels that I bought from new look. Since it’s black it usually goes with almost everything, even this rosé coloured outfit. Everything about this day was perfect including the outfit, the people and the place.

I hope your Eid went as good as mine did. Eid Mubarak!




Outfit details

Shoes: New look (

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