It is such a good day to go out. The weather is beautiful and with such a weather staying home would be a sin. Therefore, I went to Qudra Lake. Qudra Lake is truly one of a kind destination for the best picnics and quality time for family. People surround the lake and sit down and have a great time. But the question is what would be an approprite outfit for a day out in lake. Questions questions. Don’t you worry your pretty like head because I’m here to help.

With places like lakes and beaches, you have to make sure that you are wearing something comfortable enough to actually enjoy the day instead of fussing here and there with self insecurities and what’s better than a sun dress? A sun dress with patterns. The full length dress that I’m wearing here is stretchable so that it fits your body shape completely without any mistakes. That’s what I really love about dresses like these is that it’s not made for one body size but several and making it clingy in the right way. The bodice of this dress is completely filled with floral patterns giving this sun dress a more unique and casual look making it suitable to wear in informal situations like a picnic by the beach or lake.I am more a black any day kind of person but you can go for many different fresh colours to suite your skin tone the best.

I paired this sundress with my off shoulder satin zipped jacked. The clean lines of this jacket is making it a more eccentric design. The luxurious silk of the jacket is so soft giving a state of physical ease and freedom to move around easily. I went with a soft bold makeup look with pink lips. I am one of those people who love a pink shade of lipstick any day instead of red. So there you go, now you have an idea of what to wear for a picnic at the lake. Both the jacket and the dress I bought from Splash fashions because i adore all their clothes. Affordable and chic with the latest fashion trends.



Outfit Details

Jacket and dress : Splash Fashions. (Instagram: @Splashfashions)

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