All.Black.Everything. It’s a mantra that we’ve used quite often. It’s mainly because when you wear black you feel confident, self assured and bold. Black is a colour so popular that it  rises you up a level above because you know that with black you can never go wrong. It is modest and timeless and no matter your gender, your age or weight, it will always make you feel save. That’s what I love most about black. It’s an art in it’s self.

Most days you feel like you have nothing to wear. Trust me, even though my closet is filled with clothes I have problems deciding what to wear. I am never satisfied with what I have but the truth is I have so many clothes I consider fail-safe because they are all black. 70% of my clothes is black because you know what they say when you go black, you never go back.



This sequin tank top that I bought from H&M gives a story of it’s own. With this look I wanted to create something that was chic with a bit of glam. I wanted to look feminine yet authoritative. This is the ultimate party look that is perfect for going out. It’s fancy in a glamorous way. The sequins  are paired so beautifully giving off that party glamour. Everyone one should own atleast one fabulous sequin top like this. It’s a must have. This is such a unique look that it makes you stand out and not blend in and at the end of the day that the idea, isn’t it?
Here I’ve worked around this with my sheer beaded top that goes with everything. It pins up towards the neck throwing a elegant class to go with the fancy. I finished this look with my forever 21 necklace putting a splash of white in all black.



I paired the top with my leather matte jeans that has shaped my legs in a beautiful way.The structured jeans that I bought from Topshop is giving my legs a sleek straight look making it modest with the right amount of sexy. It is ideal for any body shape and you really can’t go wrong with its sleek silhouette, textured leather fabrication and classic appeal. It is a very edgy and stylish look good for a night out. This look is clean, sharp and plain badass. It’s everything you could ever ask for. The question is will you take the risk for this leather jeans?


IMG_1691 copy

I am wearing Exagona by Christian Louboutin. What girl doesn’t love heels? Especially the strappy kind. The cross straps are literally slaying my life right now. It coordinates seamlessly with anything and with it being black, there is no doubt about it. The sexy arch and the sleek straps gives life to the 160mm heel. Shoes are my everything, they are my diamonds, my passion and my love. I am obsessed with all kinds of heels. Have you heard the saying, “Heels are a girl’s bestfriend” ? If not, then let me tell you how true it is in my life.

Outfit Details

Top: H&M

Sheer beaded cover on: Splash
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Jewellery: Forever 21

That is all for today. Treat yourself well and be kind to one another. See you in the next post. xx

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