Hey guys! New day, new post. How’s everyone doing? I hope you guys liked my last post but now I’m back with this beauty. This is such an elegant outfit that I had to have once I saw it in the store. I’m glad I chose this outfit for this outing because the night was filled with fun, love and laughter with my family. Nothing says a good day then spending the day with the family. Let’s start shall we,



I am absolutely  in awe of this shirt. It’s such a beautiful addition to my closet. I remember browsing through the store looking at something simple yet something that gives off an air of class and then I came upon this gem. I found this in splash in the Elle collection. The Elle collection has one of the most beautiful clothes that are a must have. If you ever find yourself in splash make sure you you go there. I love the little crystal that is holding my collars together in a very formal yet graceful look. This pop of peach is everything you could hope for. Peach shades have been extra popular this and last year and I think you can still rock anytime of the season. I love how it’s not completely white and not completely peach but something in between. That’s why it’s called a “Pop of peach”.



Isn’t this skirt just the most stunning thing you’ve seen? I love how patterned both the top and the bottom is just in different ways. Top is in straight line pattern that takes sophistication to new level. It’s almost formal yet not. It’s like there are two personalities to this skirt. The bottom is completely decked in lace. Who doesn’t love a little lace?! I love anything that has lace in it. I love the exposure to my legs. It’s almost making the skirt knee length and a bit more. I found this in splash as well. Splash has some of the most cutest clothes and the kicker is that it is affordable. I usually do a haul and big atleast five outfits at once.



I paired this whole outfit with Pina spike from Christian Louboutin. These heels have such a sexy look and I like the colours, both black and gold. I don’t have many peep toes but I think I should definately own more. The reason it’s called Pina spike is mainly because of the gold spikes at the back giving it a more stylish look then just simple peep toes. You can basically pair these with anything. I love that gold strap holding my ankles to the heels giving it a barely there feel.

Now we talk about that stunning red sole. It’s not Christian Louboutin without that sole. I basically think the red sole gives the heels life. The red sole is iconic and it will always will be.



Did I cut my hair into bangs or I didn’t? What do you think? Nope I didn’t. These are called faux bangs that I incorporated into the knot. Topknots are the big things out there in terms of hair. This hairstyle was inspired by Kendall Jenner when she did it for Billboard awards. It was very easy to do with the help of youtube. For the faux bangs I used the ends of my towards my front and pinned it and for the topknot I just twisted it here and there and viola! You get yourself a top knot with faux bangs.

Outfit Details

Blouse: Elle collection, Splash

Skirt: Splash fashion

Heels: Christian Louboutin

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment.
See you next time beauties.

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